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Public hearing held on Mount Sinai South Nassau Hospital's filing for additional parking

Neighbors had the chance to voice their concerns about the parking.

Jon Dowding

May 1, 2024, 11:34 AM

Updated 21 days ago


Frustrated Oceanside residents left a Hempstead Town Board of Appeals meeting Wednesday afternoon after a hearing about a parking lot proposal was adjourned for two weeks.
The last-minute delay pushed back the hearing for Mount Sinai South Nassau Hospital's plan to tear down homes on hospital property to build a 152-spot parking lot. It will now be heard on May 15.
It’s part of two major projects from the hospital. The other includes building an 800-spot multi-level parking garage that has already been approved and will go on top of a current parking lot.
The hospital says in order to deal with the loss of the current parking lot, they need to add more parking elsewhere, which is where the proposal to demolish homes comes from.
Victor Filpo, of Oceanside, says he and other neighbors already have concerns about traffic in the area.
"We already have a bunch of traffic coming in and out from employees, patients, and ambulances,” said Filpo.
It's what happens to the new lot after all of the work is complete that has the community concerned.
Mount Sinai SVP of corporate communications and development Joe Calderone says the hospital is in constant contact with neighbors about their concerns.
"What they mainly are concerned about is how it will look after we create the parking and that's totally understandable," he said.
The plans for the lot will include trees surrounding it, but neighbors say they just want one thing.
"We just want the hospital to let their employees know we want to be neighbors. Let's be good neighbors,” said Filpo. “That's all we want."
The Town of Hempstead told News 12 the applicant, Mount Sinai South Nassau Hospital, requested the adjournment of the hearing until May 15.

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