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Controversial motel in Island Park site of two violent incidents this week

Police tell News 12 a man and woman invited 32-year-old Ishmel Owens and 28-year-old Kylil Freeman to their room at a local motel.

Cecilia Dowd

Jan 12, 2024, 10:43 AM

Updated 186 days ago


Nassau police responded to two incidents this week involving the Plantation Motel in Island Park.
In the first incident, police were called there for a disturbance, and a man allegedly injured two officers.
In the second incident, Ishmel Owens punched a man at the motel three times, and told him, 'Take me to the ATM and empty your account or we will kill your girlfriend,' according to court documents.
Court documents also say that Owens and Kylil Freeman forced the victim against his will into his car – going to a 7-Eleven so the victim could take money out of the ATM. Authorities say while the victim was headed to the ATM, he called 911.
Some locals told News 12 the Plantation Motel is a serious problem and has been for years.
Kyle Cruz, of Island Park, said, “We’ve been trying to get rid of it forever.” He said someone at the motel tried to break into his car and said others have gotten aggressive after he turned them down when they asked for money.
No one from the motel has returned News 12’s requests for comment.

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