Plan to place ash fill at Suffolk landfill faces scrutiny from environmentalists

A plan to shutter a Suffolk landfill and place an ash fill at the site is being scrutinized by environmentalists and civic leaders.
Experts say Long Island is facing a looming garbage crisis, which is why an exploratory committee from the Town of Brookhaven, made up of civic leaders and environmentalists, are researching the idea of placing an ash fill in the Brookhaven Town Landfill - like the one in the Town of Babylon.
"The old way of doing things with an historic land fill that is not the reality today. An Ash landfill like this is a highly engineered regulated facility," said David Bligh, of the Town of Babylon.
The Brookhaven Landfill, which has been accused of making residents sick and of releasing toxic odors, is set to close in 2024. The town has proposed making part of the site an ash fill.
"This is a big challenge. I'm very concerned, nobody wants a ash fill in their community, but we need to do something responsible with our garbage," said Adrienne Esposito of Citizens Campaign for the Environment. "The question is, should it be put right in the middle of the community?"
Will Ferraro leads a group that wants the landfill closed for good and says putting an ash fill at the site is the worst idea.
"Let's get a bunch of great ideas for the future of the landfill together and make a decision about the landfill as a community. That is what we are asking for," said Ferraro.
The Brookhaven ash fill exploratory committee is expected to deliver its recommendation to the town by the end of the year.