Over 300 march in support of Black Lives Matter in Port Jefferson Station

A protest in Port Jefferson Station drew hundreds of peaceful demonstrators through the village Thursday night.
Suffolk police escorted more than 300 protesters through the village, with some carrying Black Lives Matter flags and echoing calls heard worldwide against systemic racism.
"It's not OK for me to fear walking to school and I see a police car and I fear for my life for no reason because I have a backpack on. It's not right, it's not fair," says Amara Ayler.
Other activists in attendance, including some carrying American flags, say they support the group's right to protest. Some directed their anger in a different direction.
"Why don't we all come together instead of dividing. And the media is the worst one, you incite and you divide all the time," said one person in attendance.
Protests have continued daily across Long Island for the past three weeks.