NY AG's Office launches probe into Lynbrook crash that killed former high school football player

The state attorney general's office is now looking into the circumstances surrounding a crash that killed a 19-year-old in Lynbrook earlier this week.
Investigators have opened a case under a specific state ruling that allows them to investigate if the death "may" have been related to police conduct.
It was at the intersection of Ocean Avenue and Peninsula Boulevard where former high school football player Nasir Reid, of Lynbrook, died in a car crash.
The state attorney general is looking into how this crash occurred and if Nassau police were involved.
Nassau police say Reid, of Lynbrook, crashed his 2009 BMW into several vehicles just after midnight Tuesday. He later died of his injuries at the hospital. The other drivers who were involved were OK.
Nassau police told News 12 Long Island that "the driver of the of the 2009 BMW was involved in a police encounter with Nassau police prior to the accident."
A spokesperson would not elaborate on what the encounter was but added "The NCPD Homicide squad is currently working in conjunction with the Office of the New York state attorney general on the investigation."
The state attorney general's office is investigating under section 70-B of state law that allows them to look into the death of a civilian when an officer may have been involved.
Nasir was a former football player with Roosevelt High School and his coach, Joe Vito, said earlier this week he was a popular student and player.
"I think the student athlete part is so important because he was such a good student. And his smile, I will never forget his smile. He just lit up a room when he came in and that's something we're never going to forget," Vito said.
This is the second investigation the state attorney general's office has launched in little more than a week under 70-B into the Nassau County Police Department. The office said it was looking into the death of Miguel Romero, who was fatally struck by a Nassau County police car in November.