Nursing student’s alleged racist messages spark protest outside Southside Hospital

Protesters rallied outside Southside Hospital in Bay Shore Saturday in the wake of the firing of a nursing assistant accused of sending racists messages online to another hospital employee.
News 12 reported that an investigation was launched after the comments made in a private chat were leaked. The messages included, "My hospital is all gang members that are Spanish and Black. That's true. That's all they do. Half of them are here because they got shot. Or half of them are here because they're so drunk it's disgusting. The working class middle class population work so hard and half our taxes go to people with welfare that cheat the system. Or Spanish people that have 9 babies and don't work."
Another message plainly said, "I am racist."
Southside Hospital employees also took part in the rally.
"My reaction when I read those texts: For every one, there’s 50 of them,” said Linda Grant. “She's not the only one that feels that way."
News 12 was told the woman worked part-time at Southside Hospital as a nursing assistant and is also a nursing student at Long Island University.
Northwell Health spokesperson Alexandra Zendrian says their hospitals do not condone discrimination in any manner.
"We do care for every single person regardless of their race, their religion and any kind of personal facet – the same way we would for anybody,” she says.
News 12 is waiting to hear back from LIU to get their statement on the allegations against one of their nursing students. News 12 also visited the nursing assistant's home in Farmingdale, but the family declined to comment.