New Connecticut bagel subscription club sees high demand for 'old school flavor'

Fresh Connecticut bagels are in such high demand that people are driving hours just to get a taste.
Popupbagles in Georgetown where the towns of Wilton, Redding, and Weston all meet, and people are flocking from near and far to get a taste of owner Adam Goldberg's bagels.
As their name suggests, they only make one thing, and Goldberg says what started out as a hobby a few years ago has quickly expanded into a successful business with plans to open locations in Westchester, Manhattan, Long Island, and northern New Jersey.
The business is simple, Goldberg offers freshly baked on-demand bagels Friday, Saturdays, and Sundays every week.
"They're awesome. Over the years, bagels have kind of gotten a little bit generic and boring, and we wanted to bring back the old school bagel and that crisp exterior, that warm, soft center," Goldberg says. And that's exactly what he has done.
One woman who drove over an hour to get her bagels nearly cried when she received her order because she was so excited.
"We gave her a bite right in front of us, and she just, you know, almost in tears how you know, how great it reminds her of that fresh bagel that you really just can't get anymore," Goldberg says.
Popupbagles has become so popular it was recently written about in the New York Times.
Goldberg says he just wants to share his bagels with as many people as he can.
Bagel subscriptions start at $38 for a dozen bagels and two schmears a week.