Nassau police break up large 'pop up' party in East Meadow

Nassau County police broke up a large "pop up" house party in East Meadow on Monday that was advertised on social media.
The post promised a party that was in a "secret location" with the caption that read "Let's not let COVID-19 ruin the whole summer.”
Police were informed and broke it up.
"I know that it is disappointing. I know people, it's the end of summer, it's Labor Day, people want to have a good time, I completely understand that. We're just asking everyone to take care of themselves, take care of their neighbors, take care of friends, take care of their families, by just practicing the protocols that have gotten us so far. We just keep it going. We've come too far to backslide," says Nassau County Executive Laura Curran.
Police say the organizers were charging $35 to $60 a ticket.