Nassau neighborhoods see 'explosion' of rat population

Several neighborhoods in Nassau say they're being overrun by rats.
Pest control experts say the areas with the greatest influx of the rodents include East Meadow, Massapequa and Seaford, near the LIRR station.
"This year, it's been a complete explosion," says Brian Taggart, of Miracle Pest Solutions, who was out Monday placing bait traps near the train station.
Massapequa resident Lori Booth agrees. "The people next door to me, and the people next door to them have caught them in traps... I think there's been six, seven of them."
News 12 spoke to one neighbor on North Linden Street who was laying store-bought traps. "It's scary, I don't know what to do," says the resident, who didn't want to be named. "The woman next door, she didn't know she had a hole in the bottom of the garbage can. She was taking the garbage out, opened the lid -- a rat jumped on her arm. I can't even tell you, it's freaking me out."
A pest control expert tells News 12 that the Seaford rats are likely coming from an area near the train station. They have dug burrows there where they just keep breeding and growing.
That area near the train station is owned by the town of Hempstead. A spokesman says the town "maintains a monthly pest control program," and says the town has not received any direct complaints. But the town is sending exterminators out tomorrow following News 12's inquiry.
Officials say to help prevent rats from coming into homes, residents need to make sure all doors and windows are sealed and secured.