Nassau Executive Curran announces PACT initiative to build trust between communities, police

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran announced the Police and Community Trust (PACT) to build trust between communities and police in Nassau County.

News 12 Staff

Jun 16, 2020, 4:54 PM

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A new police initiative announced Tuesday is setting a goal of maintaining better community-police relationships in Nassau County.
Police and protesters have been in the streets for nearly three weeks, with only a few incidents across Nassau.
"The fact that we've had peaceful protests in Nassau County is in large part because of the emphasis we place on community policing, and we always strive to do better," says Nassau County Executive Laura Curran.
Curran says the next step is in the creation of PACT -- or Police and Community Trust. Through the initiative, meetings will be held every other month and will include Nassau Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder, village police chiefs, local mayors and community activists.
"We will build together protest organizers and law enforcement to listen and engage in frank conversation about concerns raised by the community in recent weeks," says Curran.
Alexis Holt, who grew up in Baldwin, will be on the 12-member panel. She has attended many of Long Island's protests.
"Being a black person in America, it's not something you start, it's something I've been experiencing my whole life," says Holt. "Inevitably it's a grassroots movement, you have to start from the bottom to reach to the top."
Also sitting in on the meetings will be Garden City Police Commissioner Kenneth Jackson, who is the president of Nassau's Police Chiefs Association, which represents 26 different departments.
"I think it's a great opportunity, because it's always good to hear what concerns people," says Jackson. "And sometimes when you sit behind a desk, or in a police car, you need to know what concerns the public, and this will be a good opportunity for us to learn."
-She said there were 50 new positive cases, with a total of 41, 290 cases.
-The percentage of positive COVID-19 cases is hovering at about 1%.
-Hospitalizations have increased by five to 108.
-No change in number of ventilated COVID-19 patients.
-Nine people were discharged from the hospital.
-Three new deaths of COVID-19 patients, total of 2,170 deaths in Nassau.
-Phase 3 should begin June 24 - includes indoor dining, nail salons and massages. 
-Gov. Cuomo announced that visitors can visit hospitals and group homes starting Friday.
-Curran discussed building upon trust between communities and police. 
-She announced the Police and Community Trust (PACT) to build trust between communities and police in Nassau County.
-Curran will chair the group that will focus on local issues and discuss ways to strengthen the community policing model. Meetings will be held bimonthly and will be virtual. 

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