Merrick 5-year-old recognized for helping rescue swan stuck in sewer

A Merrick girl proved you're never too young to save a life when she jumped into action to help an animal in distress.
Olivia Cammarata, 5, came running to her father Michael when she found a swan stuck in a sewer. She told him she found it while taking a walk on Lake End Road with her grandmother.
"Well, I thought it was not very cool. So I wanted to fix it," says Olivia Cammarata.
Olivia's dad called 911, and by the time first responders got there, the swan had made its way across the street to the other sewer.
"We've seen ducklings, kittens, smaller animals, but not a swan," says Nassau Officer Frank Romano.
Responding officers called the Emergency Service Unit to help open the sewer gate, and then wildlife rehabilitators scooped the swan out.
"The storm drains connect with the pond, and at low tide unfortunately, they can enter the storm drains and then as high tide comes in, they get pushed down the drainage pipe," says Karen Lynn Stracher.
Police say it looks like the swan wasn't hurt. Now, officers are giving Olivia special recognition for her work - quite a good start for someone who wants to be a vet when she grows up.