Man sues Town of Islip over junked cars

A man is suing the Town of Islip after he says it took vintage vehicles from his property without telling him and junked them.
Arthur Schnittger, of Islip Terrace, says his home was badly damaged in a fire in 2014. Behind his home is a garage where he kept three of his cars, including a 1938 Chevy and a 1948 Chevy coupe.
His attorney, Peter Famighetti, says the Town of Islip removed the vehicles from the property without notice in January.
Schnittger says he was working on getting the house taken down and wants to build a new one. His attorney says his client knows the home was in violation of Islip town code, and believes the town is going to demolish the home.
Schnittger is suing the Town of Islip for $125,000 - what he says is the cost of the items that were taken.
His neighbors say they want his home gone, claiming it's not safe and that no one lives there.
"Someone's going to be hurt very badly in there because the kids keep coming and hanging around at night," says neighbor Mary Kaufman.
The Town of Islip says it cannot comment on active litigation.