Made on Long Island: Soter Technologies in Ronkonkoma

Soter Technologies is the maker of FlySense - is a small device that can be found on the ceilings of school bathrooms that detects vapor in the air.

News 12 Staff

Jun 6, 2023, 9:37 AM

Updated 320 days ago


A Ronkonkoma company called Soter Technologies was created by a Bay Shore native and designs safety and security products using sensor and software technology.
The box, called a FlySense can be found on the ceilings of school bathrooms, and when that device detects vape in the air -- school administrators will get the notifications on their phones. Derek Peterson, founder of Soter Technologies, says FlySense is the world's first vape detection system. Peterson designed the gadget to help stop vaping and bullying. "I knew what it felt like to be bullied, stuffed in a locker and so forth -- I wanted to do something about it,” says Peterson. The device picks up on the frequency of the human voice. They're manufactured less than three miles at Precision Assembly Technologies in Bohemia. "We like designing stuff, but we don't have the equipment to manufacture it. So that's why we partnered with Precision,” says Peterson.
Precision Assembly Technologies is a family-owned and operated electronics manufacturing company. They use high-tech machines to create circuit boards. The circuit boards are used for plane engine systems, medical technology, and the vape detection boxes.
The FlySense is a hot device for school districts across the globe. Soter Technologies has shipped their products to every state and 23 countries.

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