Made on Long Island: Long Island Creamery in Wyandanch

The creamery makes a variety of ice cream and gelato flavors and every pint they sell goes toward cancer research.

News 12 Staff

Jun 20, 2023, 10:05 AM

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Long Island Creamery is a small family-owned business in Wyandanch.
The creamery makes a variety of ice cream and gelato flavors that can be found in several grocery stores across Long Island. Every pint they sell goes toward cancer research.
They have every flavor you can imagine, but the rainbow cookie is the fan favorite.
Kevin Kronrad, along with his two brothers, run Long Island Creamery. They've been putting a spin on different flavors since 2019.
It's a small family business owned by people with the biggest hearts.
The brothers started donating their profits two years ago after their mother, Lauren, died from colon cancer.
Selling pints of happiness for a cause. They keep moving forward. Swirling up and dipping into sweet new treats.
The treats are all stored inside their 3,600 square-foot freezer.
You can find their ice cream pints in about 65 stores across Long Island.
"We're in grocery stores, gourmet stores -- a lot of delis, some take out places even have the Long Island creamery pints too,” says Kronrad. 
The creamery ships out to other states too. It's their mission to raise money for cancer research, one scoop at a time. 
“I don't know how many people we help, but we come to work every day trying to make a difference and it feels good and it keeps us going and these past two years have been really tough -- but it feels good to give back,” says Kronrad.

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