Made on Long Island: Antoni Ravioli Company in Massapequa

They're known for their amazing Italian food that they sell near and far!
Antoni Ravioli Company is a pasta shop in Massapequa that always aims for perfection.
News 12's Jenn Seelig takes us inside their mom-and-pop store and kitchen.
The pasta shop makes all different kinds of pasta  - different shapes and sizes from ziti, linguini, and rigatoni.
Gene Saucci has been working in the kitchen, making pasta since he was 16 and he took over the family business in 1963.
Cheese ravioli is their claim to fame, and they only use a few simple ingredients.
Each square is stuffed with fresh homemade, creamy ricotta.
Once the pasta is boxed up, the cheesy goodness is sold to several food distributors, nationwide and beyond.
They also have a store counter that longtime customers keep making their way back to.