Long Island's Henry Schein rolls out 15-minute COVID-19 test

A Long Island-based medical supply giant is rolling out a new 15-minute coronavirus testing kit.
Henry Schein's new test is called the Standard Q COVID-19 Rapid Test. It's an antibody rapid blood test that the company says can give results in minutes instead of hours or days.
The Melville group's test doesn't need lab machines and is designed to be used in doctor's offices.
Henry Schein says it anticipates shipping several hundred thousand tests by the end of Monday, with more on the way from its South Korean manufacturer.
In a statement, CEO Stanley Bergman says, "This pandemic is an unprecedented situation, and making rapid diagnostic tools available to health care professionals is critical for detecting and mitigating the spread of the coronavirus."
Illinois-based Abbott Labs has also developed a fast test using a toaster-sized machine, which just got FDA approval.
New York state has developed its own test as well. The less intrusive test involves saliva and a short nasal swab. Gov. Andrew Cuomo says the test can be done easily by health care workers and doesn't require as much personal protection equipment as others do.