Long Beach increases police patrols as drunk driving becomes growing problem

City officials say DUIs are an increasing problem in the area.

News 12 Staff

Jun 28, 2022, 9:54 PM

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Extra police patrols searching for drunk drivers are expected this summer on Long Beach.
City officials say DUIs are an increasing problem in the area.
Long Beach Police Commissioner Ronald Walsh Jr. says there were 37 DWI arrests in 2020, 56 in 2020 and already 35 in 2022.
"Drunk and driving under the influence is already increasing in this city...and we can't tolerate it," Walsh says.
Nassau County District Attorney Anne Donnelly says DUIs are up throughout the county. In the past five weeks, she says 14 people have been killed and two seriously injured in vehicular crashes.
The Nassau County district attorney's office say there have been 24 crashed involving fatalities as of Tuesday. There have been nine criminal cases involving a fatal crash of of Tuesday.
The district attorney's office gave the city $30,000 for the extra patrols.
Donnelly says she is offering help to other parts of the county, but says it is especially important to help Long Beach because there are so many bars, restaurants, the beach and boating.
"Long Beach is a special city and there's so much more activity here in the summer that I thought it was prudent to give the extra funding," Donnelly says.
The money for the enhanced enforcement came from forfeitures from criminal cases. Donnelly says the money is available to other police departments for similar enforcement.
Glen Cove's mayor told News 12 that they will also plan to ask for funding for DWI and DUI patrols.

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