Laundrie's final autopsy released, shows his body was eaten by animals in reserve

Laundrie was the sole suspect in the death of his fiancé, Blue Point native Gabby Petito.

News 12 Staff

Feb 14, 2022, 10:17 PM

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The final autopsy report in the death of Brian Laundrie was released Monday.
Laundrie was the sole suspect in the death of his fiancé, Blue Point native Gabby Petito.

Laundrie autopsy report
The report from the Sarasota Medical Examiner's office says Laundrie died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.
Retired NYPD Lt. Command Detective Ralph Cilento says it's noteworthy that Laundrie, a right-handed man, shot himself with his left hand.
The adjunct professor of police science at John Jay College says, however, it does not necessary suggest anything.
Authorities found Laundrie's remains in a Florida nature reserve.
Officials say the area had previously been under 3 feet of water, which caused flooding in the area and made it difficult for authorities to find him previously.
The report also says that Laundrie's body had been eaten by animals such as coyotes and raccoons.
Authorities say that along with the journal, they found a wooden box that had a small notebook and photographs.
The report says some of the photos were of Laundrie himself.
"It could just be that he knew that his life was coming to an end, and he wanted to look at this stuff in a moment in melancholy," Cilento says.
Investigators found green shorts, a pair of shoes and a white metal ring near his skeletal remains.
Investigators confirmed Laundrie's identity using dental records and DNA analysis
Cilento says that he thought the medical examiner's office and investigators were very thorough since they were able to reconstruct Laundrie's skeletal remains.

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