'It's a strange, strange situation.' Pilot from Dutchess County stunned by FAA computer outage

A pilot from Dutchess County says in all his decades in the industry, what happened with the FAA computer outage Wednesday was something he's never experienced.
News 12 spoke to aviation expert John Trosie about the system behind the FAA outage that impacted airports throughout the nation.
"It's a strange, strange situation that happened today," said Trosie
The Notice To Air Missions system, or NOTAM, is a way pilots find out about information to make sure their flights are safe.
"It's the pilots responsibility to get those NOTAM's, to review those NOTAM's before they take off," said Trosie, who has been flying planes for decades and is the chair for Dutchess Community College's Aviation program.
Trosie said there are a number of things pilots can find out about flights from the system.
"Some of that information might be that a runway is closed at an airport," said Trosie. "Or a navigation aid is closed someplace that a pilot couldn't use to navigate to where they wanted to go."
According to Trosie, if he was heading to Boston Logan International Airport, the system would provide information about airports along the way in case the plane needed to be diverted. He said sometimes the information provided is critical.