It's back: Menacing hawk in Northport eyed in 2 attacks in 24 hours

Michelle Micucci, a pre-K teacher at the church, says the playground is empty because the hawk has taken over.

News 12 Staff

Jun 30, 2022, 5:11 PM

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A red-tailed hawk is being blamed for more attacks in Northport.
According to Northport Chief of Police Chris Hughes, the menacing hawk is back and attacked two people on Wednesday.
The principal of the Weekday Nursery School located at a church in Northport tells News 12 the attacks happened within the last 24 hours.
She tells New 12 she has been in constant contact with police, as the school has been held hostage by the bird for months.
The school says there has been concern over the bird, but they have been reassured for some time that it would not come by the school and was only attacking people on Main Street.
The principal tells News 12 on Wednesday, a churchgoer, was attacked about 10 yards away from where the 2-year-old group was playing.
Michelle Micucci, a pre-K teacher at the church, says the playground is empty because the hawk has taken over.
Sharon Noonan, one of the victims of a hawk attack, says the bird grabbed the back of her head and then a attacked a jogger on Main Street on Wednesday.
"I felt like a bowling ball that just whacked me in the head," Noonan says."
According to parishioners, the hawk likes to hang out on top of the steeples of these churches.
Neighbors tell News 12 they are upset, worried and frustrated with police because they say their hands are tied due to Department of Environmental Conservation rules.
As News 12 has reported, since July of last year, Northport village officials say there were over 20 incidents involving hawks, including 12 attacks requiring medical attention.
"It might make people chuckle, but to the people who are walking down Main Street who are unknowingly attacked by this hawk and need to receive medical attention, it is not a laughing matter," Hughes says.
News 12 has contacted the New York state Department of Environmental Conservation regarding the hawk attacks, and were waiting for a response as of 5 p.m.
Credit: Danielle Campbell
Credit: Danielle Campbell
Credit: Danielle Campbell

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