Hawk believed to be behind multiple attacks in Northport

A red-tailed hawk is being blamed for nearly a dozen attacks in Northport since the summer.
Several residents who live in the area say that the hawk has swooped down on them.
Northport village officials say that since July 2021, there were a total of 15 incidents involving hawks, including 11 attacks. Seven of those attacks required medical attention.
Eric Preis' backyard houses the bird's nest. He says it left behind blood scratches.
Preis says he's now afraid to leave his small dog outside unattended.
"I was shocked," Preis says. "And then later that day, I went to my car and thing swooped down again and dive bombed me."
The nest is high in the trees off Main Street where many people walk by.
Residents say they don't want the hawk to be harmed, but would like it to be relocated.
"Worrying about something like that coming down on you, it's pretty frightening," says Lauren Lambert.
The Department of Environmental Conservation says people can protect themselves from a hawk attack by waving their arms and making a lot of noise.
Officials also say they can carry an open umbrella because the bird will likely go after the tallest object.
The U.S. Department of Agriculture moved a different hawk to a county park in August.
The DOA is working with the DEC to decide what course of action to take next.