Investigators ID cold case victim as Long Island teen, suspect charged with murder

After 40 years, law enforcement in New Jersey have identified the body of an unknown teenage girl, nicknamed "Princess Doe," as Long Island native Dawn Olanick.

News 12 Staff

Jul 15, 2022, 4:10 PM

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After 40 years, law enforcement in New Jersey have identified the body of an unknown teenage girl, nicknamed "Princess Doe," as Long Island native Dawn Olanick.
"These are pieces of a puzzle that for 40 years, they've been trying to put together," a spokesperson for the family—and Olanick's cousin—said during a press conference Friday.
The body of the 17-year-old, who was from Bohemia, was found beaten to death in Cedar Ridge Cemetery in Blairstown Township on July 15, 1982. Her body was discovered by a worker at the cemetery near a steep embankment in the woods. The victim had been wearing a red and white print skirt and a red pullover short-sleeve shirt. No undergarments were on the victim or found in the vicinity. She was found with no socks, shoes or stockings.
Without any clear leads, Olanick's death went cold in the early 80's. She became the first unidentified person case entered into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database on June 30, 1983.
Back in 2020, her body was exhumed, and a larger DNA sample was extracted for testing. The tests led to her identification, as well as a suspect in her murder.
The Warren County Prosecutor's Office has charged Arthur Kinlaw with her murder. They said he confessed in 2005 while already in prison on another crime, but could not be prosecuted because of lack of evidence. Since that time, Kinlaw made various admissions indicating that he was responsible for the murder. However, because the victim remained unidentified, Kinlaw's confession could not be sufficiently corroborated. He is currently serving a life sentence on two other murder convictions in Sullivan County, New York. Both of those victims were also "Jane Does."
Olanick grew up in West Babylon and Bohemia. Rose Farchild, who lived across the street from Olanick's Bohemia home, said they had been close friends. The two lost touch after Olanick's parents divorced and Farchild was left wondering what happened to her childhood friend all these years later.
"I was born and raised here and so was she so I knew her our whole lives up until the point she disappeared," Farchild said. "It is crazy. I can't believe you're talking to me about this right now."
Olanick was enrolled in the Connetquot Central School District up until the final marking period of her Junior year in 1982. Witness accounts indicate that Kinlaw had attempted to lure her into prostitution, according to police. When she refused, authorities said he drove her to New Jersey where he ultimately killed her.
Police said the investigation into her murder continues. Olanick is buried in the very cemetery where her body was found. Her family plans to give her a proper headstone so she finally can be laid to rest.
"My cousin's right here. She always in my heart," the family spokesperson said, placing his hand over a photo of Olanick. "It's how I will always remember her."

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