Hempstead Town Board approves sweeping hike in park & recreation fees

It will soon cost more to have fun in the Town of Hempstead.
The town board has approved 17 resolutions to raise dozens of fees at parks, pools and beaches at a meeting Tuesday evening.
On average, fees will increase by about 10%.
For example, a season parking pass at Lido Beach Town Park will increase from $125 to $138.
A family season pass to the Roosevelt Pool will go from $121 to $133.
Town spokesperson Greg Blower blames the proposed increase on higher costs.
Blower wrote, "The Town, like our residents, is susceptible to inflationary pressures and increasing costs, including NY state's increase in minimum wage; therefore, it is necessary to consider a minimal increase in certain user fees. The new fee structure remains some of the lowest in the county, especially the athletic field fees. It's also important to note that we will not be charging local little leagues for field use."