Graduating Walt Whitman HS students surprise principal with drive-by parade

Many adults have been surprising kids with parades recently to get through the pandemic, but on Friday the Walt Whitman High School senior class spun that around to honor their principal.
Dr. John Murphy thought he was headed to a budget meeting when nearly 500 seniors were waiting for him in his school's parking lot to say thank you for everything he has done.
Murphy was overwhelmed with emotion for his students.
"I love my students, I miss them a lot," says Murphy. "It's nice to see them, I haven't seen them in a while."
The theme of the senior class is 2020 rocks -- it's after they gave a big boulder to the school as their class gift. Every senior decorated a rock for Murphy.
"He is someone who is always there for everybody. Someone who's willing to do whatever it takes to help anyone who needs it," said one student.
The big surprise was one last hurrah and thank you for a principal who didn't let a pandemic get in the way of showing his love for his students.