Go Green: Eco-friendly tips for your kitchen

News 12's Elizabeth Hashagen headed to the kitchen with Danny Seo to learn some eco-friendly tips.

News 12 Staff

Apr 26, 2019, 8:00 AM

Updated 1,859 days ago


Danny Seo, one of America's leading authorities on eco-friendly living, makes being earth friendly easy and fun. News 12's Elizabeth Hashagen headed to the kitchen with Danny to learn some eco-friendly tips.
How can we reuse a banana peel? Danny says you can boil it to make banana peel tea. You can also use it to buff scuffed up shoes. The natural ingredients in the banana peel are also in your shoe-shining kits - it takes away all the scuffs and makes it shiny. And don't forget to compost when you're done.
Plastic sandwich bags are recyclable, but not in your normal curbside recycling bin. Those bags goes in the recycling bin for pastic grocery bags found at many supermarkets.
Aluminum foil is also recyclable. After you're done baking something, make sure there's no baked-on cheese or sauce, crumble it up and put it in your recycle bin. It's just as recyclable as an aluminum can, and it gets made into new products.
And when it comes to cleaning products, Danny uses a soft scrub made with two simple ingredients. Mix baking soda and castile soap until it looks like white frosting. It can be used on kitchen countertops, shower stalls with water marks, or anywhere where you need a tough cleaner.

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