Fort Salonga's 'mask man' charged with allegedly hoarding, price gouging thousands of N95 masks

A Fort Salonga pharmacist is charged with hoarding and price gouging of N95 masks during the coronavirus pandemic.
Richard Schirripa, 66, has been federally charged with hoarding and price gouging masks in violation of the Defense Production Act.
Schirripa, who has been dubbed "The Mask Man" has been a licensed pharmacist since 1979, and ran the Madison Avenue Pharmacy in Manhattan.
Federal prosecutors say Schirripa spent over $200,000 accumulating N95 masks and reselling them at a 50% profit.
Prosecutors say Schirripa was caught in an undercover sting as he allegedly sold masks from the trunk of his car to an undercover agent on a street corner on Madison Avenue.
Schirripa allegedly said, "I feel like a drug dealer standing out here" and "when you have something no one else has, it's not a high price."
Search warrants were executed at Schirripa's home on Marriod Court in Fort Salonga and his Manhattan apartment, where authorities say they recovered more than 6,600 N95 masks.
Schirripa's customers were in eight states and included funeral homes and doctors.
According to court records, in 2013 Schirripa was ordered to pay a $200,000 fine for allegedly violating the Controlled Substance Act at his Manhattan pharmacy.
Schirripa pleaded not guilty at his arraignment.