Former Jets player finds healing of music to help with autoimmune disease

A former Jets player who was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness has found the power of music to help him heal.

Hank Bjorklund was diagnosed in 2017 with an autoimmune disease that attacked his brain. Bjorklund began writing poetry and reading it to various poetry groups in Glen Cove.

Musicians Diane Menzel and Helen Kotzky heard his poems and decided to put his words to music. Bjorklund says the entire process has been healing, both emotionally and physically.

"Writing poetry and singing has really helped me immeasurably," says Bjorklund. "It's helped me with the uncertainties of my illness for one thing, and it's helped bring meaning back into my life."
Both Menzel and Kotzky say they have seen an improvement in Bjorklund's health since they started making music.

Bjorklund, who was a Princeton Law School graduate, played for the Jets in the early 70s.