Fire tears through East Farmingdale businesses

Five businesses in East Farmingdale went up in flames Tuesday morning.
Investigators say the blaze broke out at Audio Unlimited around 7:30 a.m. and spread quickly. The block of businesses is on Route 109, which is across from Republic Airport.
It took nearly 200 firefighters from three different departments to fight the blaze. The East Farmingdale Fire Department says two of its firefighters were injured, including one who fell.
Matt Delaney, owner of a luxury transportation company that was damaged by the fire, says it?ll be difficult to bounce back. His vehicles parked outside were charred in the fire as well, so he says he?s not sure how he?ll transport his customers.
Other business owners say they?ll likely have to gut their stores because of all the water from the firefighters? hoses. The shop owners say a fire was last thing they needed in this economy.
Route 109 remains closed in both directions. Crews are still investigating what sparked the fire, but say they don't believe it's suspicious.
To see more Chopper 12 footage of the fire, go to Channel 612 on your iO digital cable box and select iO Extra.