Farmingdale marijuana dispensary to hold community forums for concerned residents

Long Island’s newest marijuana dispensary plans to hold community forums to address concerns and answer questions about marijuana use.
Happy Days Dispensary president Paul Lepore says there’s still a stigma surrounding recreational marijuana sales. He says the dispensary in Farmingdale also gets a lot of questions about its products, especially from older customers.
To ease concerns and address community questions, the dispensary is partnering with a North Babylon wellness center to provide a safe place for Long Islanders.
"Breaking some of that negative stigmatism, and also teaching people safe handling, and why to keep it away from youth, and why not to drive high is very important,” said Lepore. “Those are really some of the messages that we want to drive home as well as answering questions to educate the community."
The dispensary says its first forum will be held in early March.
For more information about the dispensary and its upcoming higher education forums, head to its website here.