Expert: Shark spotted in Quogue Saturday was a basking shark

Shark experts say they believe the shark that was spotted in the waters of Penniman Creek in Quogue on Saturday was a basking shark.
Basking sharks are the second biggest type of shark, but they are relatively harmless to humans. They eat plankton and small sea creatures.
"These guys are completely harmless. They have really small teeth that are used to catch the plankton and kind of put them into their gut. So they don't really attack humans or anything like that," says Jeffery McCarthy, of the Riverhead Aquarium.
McCarthy says he thinks the shark was just following food way into the creek and is probably long gone.
Some area sailors say they were concerned because last year there was a five-foot blue shark that beached itself very close to the creek. Others say they have no problem with the sharks exploring around the area, no matter what the species is.
Some experts say it actually might be a good thing to see sharks in the inland waters because that means the waters are becoming more healthy.