East End: Darkside Haunted House

If you are ready for some "fun scares" this one is for you! Darkside Haunted House, in Wading River, is now open for its 23rd season.
For months during the pandemic, Mike Meola wasn't sure if he'd be allowed to open his very popular attraction.
But eventually the state gave haunted houses the okay to operate.
There's restrictions, actors won't come as close to you as in the past, there's limits on the size of groups allowed inside, and how long they're allowed to stay in. And all patrons and actors are required to wear face masks.
And if you're thinking that maybe this year opening a haunted house might seem a little inappropriate, Meola says he has very personal reasons. His mom, for years the ticket-taker at Darkside, died from coronavirus in May.
"She gave me the love of Halloween, and this is my way of honoring my mom," says Meola.