Developer trying again to build auto junkyard near Suffolk drinking well

Groundwater concerns are growing once again over a proposed auto junkyard in Suffolk County.
A Florida developer says it wants to pave over about 36 acres of woods along Bellport Avenue in Yaphank and put in a parking lot for thousands of damaged and repossessed vehicles until they are sold at auctions.
The property sits near a Suffolk drinking well.
The plan was withdrawn from the Brookhaven Town Planning Board last November after Brookhaven and Suffolk water authority officials said drinking water in a nearby well could be contaminated by leaking gasoline, oil and antifreeze.
But last month, the developer put in a new proposal that included installing a stormwater filtration system. It is being considered by the planning board.
Residents who live near the site say the new proposal has not changed their minds.
"These cars that come into that facility, they're leaking fluids, oil, gasoline, antifreeze, which will eat through the blacktop," says Buddy Koerner.
An attorney for developer NMF Holdings says the site will be used only to store vehicles, adding, "There will be no service, maintenance or repairs of any vehicle performed on the subject property at any time."
Those in homes across the street from the site say they already have their fair share of industrial sites in the area.
"It seems like every time you see a patch of woods, let's mow it down and put something there," says Chad Trusnovec, of the Yaphank Civic Association.