‘Bring it on’: Rep. Santos takes to the House floor following motion to expel him

Congressman Anthony D’Esposito put forth a motion Tuesday night to expedite a potential vote to expel Rep. George Santos.
D’Esposito is the second congressman to do so. However, Santos himself took to the House floor.  
Santos, refusing to resign, and said he is primed to fight to keep his seat in the House.
Just moments before Santos took to the floor, Rep. D'Esposito pushed the House to vote to expel Santos within the next two days.
Earlier in the day, Democratic Congressman Robert Garcia did the same.
This is the third vote that will take place to expel Santos.  
Santos has survived two expulsion votes before.
Rep. Nick LaLota, who supports Santos' removal, says the House Ethics Committee report condemning Santos is the game changer that could lead to 2/3 of the House to oust the Santos.
Santos says he's tired of the drama, but at the same, he's leaning into it, telling the members who want to expel him quote, "bring it on."