Cuomo shuts down state schools for academic year, summer school still up in the air

Gov. Andrew Cuomo confirmed Friday that schools and colleges statewide will be closed for the remainder for the rest of the academic year -- but the question remains if there will be summer school.
The announcement came as no surprise to students, parents and school staff. But Cuomo says on the matter of summer school, the decision will be made by the end of the month.
The social media reaction was swift, with some asking how parents are expected to babysit their children's remote learning through June. Others say the decision was only practical to keep people safe.
Cuomo says while distance learning is working well, schools need to come up with a solid plan before students return to school buildings.
Rockville Centre Superintendent Dr. Bill Johnson says it would be very challenging to socially distance within a school.
"We certainly could not have everybody show up at school at the same time, we just don't have the space," says Johnson.
Johnson says therefore, any return to school buildings would need to be staggered and still include time at home.
"If this is the problem we have to try to solve, good minds will probably figure out a way to get kids back together again," says Johnson.