Caught on camera: Rare coyote sighting on Robert Moses beach

A coyote was caught on camera on Jan. 13 at Robert Moses Field 2 near the Golf Course, according to the state's Department of Environmental Conservation.
Although coyotes are common in the Bronx and parts of Manhattan, the sighting is considered highly unusual. It's the first time a coyote has been spotted on a barrier beach of Long Island.
Frank Vincenti, of the Wild Dog Foundation, says it's "not impossible" that the coyote navigated its way through the Green Belt trail to find its way to Robert Moses.
There have been other coyote sightings across Long Island in Roslyn and Middle Island. 
Vincenti strives to educate the public about coyotes and has been predicting that they would eventually become established on Long Island. He says it’s still a long way off.
“I have been waiting two decades to have coyotes on the Island,” he told News 12. “I'm hoping to educate people and have them be a success and prevent the conflicts you see in other areas.”
According to Vincenti, the coyotes will avoid humans as long as they are not being fed.
The state DEC says it will continue to monitor the area.