Caught on camera: Deer causes chaos in Lake Ronkonkoma hair salon

Video captured the chaotic moments when a deer crashed through the front window of a Lake Ronkonkoma hair salon, hitting a woman and scrambling around the room before bolting through a door with a hair tool tangled around it.
Police say it happened at Hair Salon on Portion Road in Lake Ronkonkoma shortly before 12:30 p.m. Saturday.
The video shows a hairdresser snipping a client's hair while another woman sits on a sofa in the front of the salon. The antlered buck suddenly leaps through the salon's front window, striking the woman on the couch and sending shards of glass flying.
The occupants of the salon can be heard shrieking as they try to get out of the buck's way. The animal is seen scrambling around the salon before crashing back outside through the salon's glass front door.
Salon owner Jenisse Heredia was cutting the client's hair when the buck broke in. She described her shock to News 12, saying, "My mouth dropped. I just can't believe this happened especially on a busy road... In my mind I'm thinking it was a car. And when I turn around and see the deer, it was a deer went through the window."
Most of the damage was limited to the front window. The salon has since been cleaned up, but Heredia says the deer tore through the salon like a bull in a china shop in a matter of seconds.
"It ran through the back actually and it hit the glass on that counter and then it ran into the back room," she says. "When he came back, I was afraid of getting hit, so that's why I hid behind the desk."
Three customers were inside the shop at the time. The woman who was sitting on the couch was hospitalized with injuries to her head and leg, but Heredia says she is doing well.
Heredia believes the deer came from a wooded area across the street. The animal has not been seen since it ran off -- with the cord of a hair straightener tangled around it.
Heredia says that in her year and a half at the salon, it's the first time a wild animal has come in.
"And hopefully the last," she says.