Brentwood neighborhood, legislator rally against waste processing facility proposal

Brentwood residents rallied Thursday against a planned waste transfer station that they say will only bring trash and traffic to the neighborhood.
Legislator Sam Gonzalez, along with civic leaders and community members, are calling on Islip town officials to hear their concerns about a mega waste transfer station that is scheduled to be built on Emjay Boulevard.
"If you represent people of color, if you represent our minorities, why are you not allowing us to speak?" asked Gonzalez.
Gonzalez says the Omni Waste Transfer Station will process 2,300 tons of construction debris and solid waste each day from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., resulting in close to 400 trucks loaded with trash traveling down Suffolk Avenue.
Residents who live in the community say they already have to deal with numerous trucks rolling through their neighborhood
Leigh-Ann Bard, a mother of three young boys, is weary of dumping that she says has gone on for years in her community. She is calling for environmental justice.
"There has to be a point to where the communities, no matter where they are located or what color is the majority base of their population, has the same equal right and safety as everyone else," says Bard.
A spokesperson for the Town of Islip says Supervisor Angie Carpenter was not available to speak to News 12, and in a statement stated that the area is zoned for this type of industrial use.
The statement says, "As the facility is a permitted use in an Industrial 1 Zone, no further Town Board or Planning Board review or approvals are necessary. Omni has received administrative site work approvals from the Town Engineering Division. The Building Division is waiting for the Suffolk County Health Department to provide approval so that the new building permits can be issued."