Brentwood neighborhood pushing back against waste processing facility proposal

A Brentwood community is fighting a proposed waste transfer station that they say would bring hundreds of trucks right near their homes.
According to the Department of Environmental Conservation, Omni Recycling, one of Long Island's biggest waste processing companies, is proposing a mega-waste process facility at 80 Emjay Blvd. It would handle 2,300 tons of construction and demolition debris daily, as well as solid waste.
Omni is asking for approvals for the project from the Town of Islip and the state DEC, but residents and local officials are pushing back.
"Every time they just dump in Brentwood, it's just not fair. We're the hub for everything. There's going to be so much traffic down our block, along with the other businesses that are here," says Ana Fernandes, of Brentwood.
Brentwood Board of Education President Robert Feliciano says the district is opposed to the facility, which would be 2 miles from the district's schools.
"I'm sorry that the East End communities are having a trouble with their garbage, but you are not going to come to Brentwood and dump it here," says Feliciano.
Back in 2013, a fire destroyed a waste processing facility owned by another company that was located on the 3.5-acre site now owned by Omni.
Omni Recycling and the Town of Islip did not respond to requests for a comment. The New York State Department of Conservation says it is currently reviewing comments received on the waste transfer application.