Bellmore residents plea for help, say drivers ignoring stop signs at hazardous intersection

A Bellmore neighborhood is pleading for help to stop drivers who are ignoring stop signs.
Residents caught dangerous behavior on camera, including drivers blowing through stop signs and one recent car accident.
The hazardous intersection is at the corner of Hewlett Lane and Cottage Court.
Neighbors are asking for a light-up stop sign and speed bumps.
A Town of Hempstead spokesperson says the town is now considering installing an LED stop sign at the corner of Hewlett Lane and Cottage Court in Bellmore. This comes after a News 12 exclusive showed multiple drivers ignoring the stop sign.
Nassau police were at the intersection on Friday. The Nassau Police Department says eight summonses were issued at the intersection.
Before installing the LED stop sign, the town has to check with residents because the LEDs will light up at night, and some people could see the light inside their homes.