AAA: Gas prices up 50 cents from same time last year

Gas prices are on the rise on Long Island and across the state, with the price per gallon up almost 50 cents from this time last year.
According to AAA, the current average for regular fuel on the Island is $2.87 per gallon, up four cents from last week. This time last year, the average was $2.40.
But the prices at gas stations are all over the map -- a Mobil station in Farmingdale on Route 110 is at $3.39, while a Plainview Speedway on Old Country Road was at $2.79.
A Melville Sunoco on 110 was also over $3 -- at $3.07.
AAA's Robert Sinclair Jr. told News 12 Tuesday that the reason behind the rise is a combination of factors, including supply and demand and the weather.
Andy Harris, with the Long Island Gasoline Retailers Association says keeping proper air pressure in your tires and changing your air filter are just a couple of ways to get better gas mileage.
He also warns that there will be another jump in prices when gas stations change to their summer blend in April.
Have you seen particularly high or low prices at the pump? Send them to us and help your fellow Long Islanders!