A lack of power creates life-threatening situation for some LI families

Thousands are coping without power in the wake of Isaias, but for some that loss is potentially life-threatening.
For John Josephson, an amputee with lung and kidney disease, breathing on a good day is a challenge. But when the power goes out, his life is at risk.
"When you can't get a breath of air in and you have to fight it all night long, but you've got the equipment there but it doesn't work because you don't have electric," he says.
His wife Pam, who has had three heart attacks and is on dialysis, takes care of him in their Amityville home. She says she has been calling PSEGLI since Tuesday, begging the utility to get their power back.
The Josephsons put in an elevator because of their health issues, but because the power is out, they can't use that either.
"I am kind of trapped up here unless I feel like rolling down the stairs and breaking my neck," says John Josephson.
Diane Lanning says her neighbors on Cambridge Drive in Hicksville are completely in the dark. Besides losing food in her fridge, working from home because of the pandemic is almost impossible.
Across the street, the Chang family lives with their 3-year-old daughter Ellie, who is medically compromised and needs several electrical devices to keep her alive.
"Someone did respond and I didn't appreciate their response -- 'If you daughter needs help, she should go to a hospital,'" says Li Chang.
Her father offered a prayer during this difficult time for the family, as well as several others: "Hopefully someone up there is looking out for her, and just get the power back on. I would love for that to happen."
PSEGLI says its is working as fast as it can on getting the power back on for special cases.