A dozen 'Roses:' Unique Valentine's Day display in North Babylon features 'Golden Girls' character

On Gaulton Drive in North Babylon sits a unique Valentine’s Day display: a dozen red “Roses.”
These aren’t flowers - they are images of the iconic actress Betty White, dressed in red, in a nod to her character Rose Nylund, from "The Golden Girls."
Jessica Donatelli said she bought them for her wife last year, but due to the weather, couldn’t put them outside. This year Mother Nature cooperated and they’re now adorning the lawn.
Donatelli said she and her wife, Claribel Rodriguez, both love "The Golden Girls" and watch it every night.
The images have been a hit in the neighborhood, with traffic often slowing down outside the home so drivers can get a good look.
“I thought it would be something cute instead of regular roses that are going to die in a few days,” Donatelli said.