Witnesses testify in Ocean Beach cop brutality trial

Key testimony was delivered Monday in day two of the brutality trial of two Ocean Beach police officers.
Acting Police Chief George Hesse and part-time Officer Arnold Hardman are accused of attacking Samuel Gilberd, of Manhattan, over a ticket for littering in 2005. Prosecutors claim Gilberd was attacked at the police station after he upset Hesse by slamming a door. Hesse is charged with both assault and gang assault. Hardman is facing reckless endangerment charges.
Evelyn Laduk, a houseguest of Gilberd and his wife at the time of the incident, was called to the stand by prosecutors. According to Laduk, though Gilberd was drinking most of the day, he was in control when arrested for littering and taken into custody.
Defense attorneys claim Gilberd was drunk and belligerent at the time of his arrest and provoked Hesse.
"This was not about police brutality, but about excessive drinking, not only by Mr. Gilberd, but all the people with him," a defense attorney says.
In addition to Laduk's testimony, the bouncer from the bar where Gilberd was arrested testified Monday. According to him, Gilberd was calm at the time of his arrest.
Gilberd is expected to take the stand Wednesday.