What's Cooking: Uncle Giuseppe's Marketplace's coconut shrimp

Chef Vinny Olivieri, of Uncle Giuseppe's Marketplace, shows News 12's Lily Stolzberg how to make coconut shrimp.
½ pound - 13/15 tail on shrimp (butterflied)
1 cup panko bread crumbs
1 cup coconut flakes
1 cup flour
3 eggs
32 oz fry oil
1. Prepare the breading station by combining the panko bread crumbs and coconut flakes making sure to mix well, place on a dish and set aside.
2. Place the flour on a dish and set aside.
3. Crack and beat the eggs in to a bowl and set aside.
4. To bread the shrimp, first coat with flour, then dredge in egg and finally coat with the coconut mixture, press down on the shrimp making sure that they are fully coated.
5. Repeat the process until all shrimp are breaded and set aside.
6. In a medium size pot heat oil to 350 deg.
7. Once oil is at the desired temperature begin placing the shrimp in to the oil carefully.
8. Fry until the shrimp are golden brown.