West Hempstead man on kidney donor list waits for ‘a hero’

A West Hempstead man is waiting for a living kidney donor as he deals with the effects of Alport syndrome – but the pandemic has made the tough task of getting a donation even more challenging.
Eric Peluso, 39, had to stop working as a letter carrier several months ago because of his dialysis treatments.
“Every day, I would get more and more tired, and I would force myself to keep going,” he told News 12.
If he doesn’t get a donation, he could be on dialysis for up to five more years.
"Being on dialysis is not good for the body. Your body starts to deteriorate,” he says.
Dr. Joseph Vassalotti, a nephrologist and chief medical officer with the National Kidney Foundation, says a transplant “offers the best option for most patients to achieve the best quality of life."
Peluso had a message for anyone thinking of donating:
"Being a kidney donor is a good thing and you can live a long life with one kidney," he said. "They can still do it. They can still be a hero."
Monday marked National Organ Donor Day. Anyone interested in learning more about becoming a donor can visit kidney.org.