We're Open: The Best Goodie Bag

A sweet shop in Valley Stream is getting recognized by national competitive baking shows.
The Best Goodie Bag has been baking sweet treats for almost three years on Roosevelt Avenue in Valley Stream
Owner Darlene Edwards is a retired NYPD Police Sergeant who decided to open the Best Goodie Bag with her two daughters and niece.
When the pandemic hit, they were forced to close for three months, but Edwards says they've been fortunate to remain busy— even appearing on Netflix's show "Sugar Rush" this past November.
"We not a traditional bakery, we actually call ourselves a 'cakery' because everything we do is sweet," Edwards says.
Other sweet treats in the store include cake donuts. On any given day they make up to 10 different types of cookies, including one that celebrates Black History Month.
They also make their own homemade juices, called "grandma juice," after their grandma Justine.
It seems their grandmother's legacy of making things from scratch continues on— along with their secret ingredient.