We're Open: Primary Medical Associates of Plainview

Something that's still nerve wracking for some people is going to the doctor, so one doctor came up with a plan to make it safe for everyone.          
"The way I look at it, if I can bring my elderly mother into the office, if I can bring my children, then I can bring my patients," says Dr. Natalia Levinskaya, Primary Medical Associates of Plainview.   However, Dr. Levinskaya didn't always feel that way.
During the shutdown, Primary Medical Associates was classified as an essential business, but she closed the doors and switched to online for the safety of her patients, clients and staff. After two months. Dr. Levinskaya says she felt comfortable seeing patients in person again, but with a whole new list of rules.
In addition to having the option to skip the socially-distanced waiting room, there are health screenings before you make an appointment and before you can open the door. "We are sanitizing before, during and after each patient. And we are using as much as possible right now disposable equipment," says Dr. Levinskaya.   Patient Jennifer Beneventano says she feels comfortable with the protocols in place.
"Coming here and seeing everybody take the proper precautions with their masks on and social distancing as best they can I was certain I could come back for something else," says Beneventano.