Walk through a beautiful field of tulips at Waterdrinker Family Farm in Manorville

Walk through a beautiful field of flowers at a tulip festival on this Road Trip: Close to Home.
It’s prime tulip time at Waterdrinker Family Farm in Manorville.
There are more bright blooms than ever before - this year the farm planted a million bulbs.
There are so many frameable photo ops and gorgeous worthy places to pose - from bikes, to a bridge to giant Dutch shoes.
If you've visited in the past, there are some new things to see this season.
Long Island Farm Brewery is now open and serving special edition Tulip beer.
This season there's a brand new Tulip town, the miniature village inspired by Amsterdam, that is big fun for the little ones.
The jump pad is a favorite. And kids can also visit the barnyard animals.
The bulbs are still blooming, and the hope is that tulips will be standing through Mother's Day.
The farm is open seven days a week - but if you come on a weekday there's a chance you'll have the whole field of flowers to yourself.