W. Hempstead man accused of savage belt beating

A man who police say severely beat his 11-year-old stepson with two belts was arraigned Monday in West Hempstead.
Nassau police arrested 34-year-old Alon Holliday after he allegedly flew into a rage because his stepson didn't do chores at the family's Elm Street home. Investigators say the whipping was so severe that it left numerous welts and bruises on the child's head, back and legs.
According to authorities, Holliday locked the 11-year-old's mother in the basement of the house while the beating went on for 15 minutes.
?The boy was hit on bare skin from the waist down because as we're learning, it's been a course of corporal punishment that the father believes in when the boy misbehaves,? Nassau Detective Sgt. Anthony Repalone says.
Police say the mother eventually escaped and used her body to shield her son before they ran out of the house and called 911. Police say she was injured in the process. The child was treated at the hospital.
The charges against Holliday include assault, endangering the welfare of a child and resisting arrest. He is due back in court Wednesday.
Photo of Alon Holliday