Vote to expel Rep. George Santos now expected Friday

A vote to expel Rep. George Santos from Congress is now expected to take place Friday.
Rep. Santos is set to hold an 8 a.m. press conference at the Capitol Thursday. He insists that he will not resign ahead of the third attempt to expel him from the House of Representatives.
News 12 spoke to Republicans on Wednesday. Even if the votes exist to oust Santos from Congress, there are GOP holdouts who won't support it.
Multiple members of Congress say House Speaker Mike Johnson is urging the conference to vote their "conscience," but that means different things to different people.
To those who want Santos gone, it's a matter of ethics and a breach of trust based on Santos' lies.
For others, it's a question of who gets to decide on Santos' fate.
“Let his voters deal with it. George Santos did what he did to the people in his district. Let them deal with it,” said Rep. Ralph Norman (R-South Carolina).
However, voters will not be able to decide because Santos has already said he will not run for reelection.
A total of two-thirds of the House needs to do so in order for a member to be expelled.